Why People Proffered

In non-Muslim countries, there is no way of learning the Holy Quran but the online platform provides the best option for the Muslims who lived there. The online Quran Academy USA having tutors that have scholars in Islamic history; having reliable techniques to teach the students.

 ‘Among you the best [Muslims] who learn the Quran and teach it’

Why people prefer online platforms for learning?

People or children prefer online Quran learning because online learning no need transport, not go anywhere. Also, you know small kids very afraid to learn from Madrassas and the mosque because the Qari are so strict and not kind to students. But on the other hand, in online learning there is fear easily the kids learn. Another thing you can learn with speed as you want.

How you can learn from an online Academy?

No need to worry because the online academy provides the easiest way of online classes. Multiple Quran learning platforms are available for the Muslims who lived abroad like the USA, UK, and other non-Muslim countries and having no such type of academies. You know that Online Quran Learning for Kids is the best way because the parents can easily check the daily report also check at a home in which speed his kid learn from an online tutor. Due to some reasons, people like to learn online such that:

  • With Effective Cost You can learn more

In online Quran academy, there is not too much fee of the classes. With the affordable class, you can and your children learn the Holy Quran and the Islamic course easily. From home, choose the best Quran academy and check the services provided by them online. So easily register and take class according to your selected timing.

  • Connect With the Qualified Tutors

Another reason why people choose an online platform? To connect with qualified tutors, people choose the online academy because you can easily meet with skilled, scholars, and qualified tutors. Both male & female tutors are available and you can choose according to your choice. connect with qualified teachers and take different courses and learn.  

  • Time and money-saving option

No need for a lot of money for transport to go to any other place for learning the Holy Quran. With online Quran Academy USA, you can save your money and time as well. From the home, office, or anywhere in the world, you can easily take classes. In this way, you’re your transport expense and the meal during traveling is saved.

  • Multiple Quran course available online

You know in Madrassa and the mosque, there are few courses and no option to choose the selective for you. The Qari and Qariha teach you and you learn according to them. But on the other hand, online different Quran courses are available and students easily choose from them. Courses included in the online Quran academy are online Quran reading, online Quran learning with Tajweed, Advance Tajweed course, Quran memorization course, Kalimah, Namaz, Online Quran translation course, and the other.


6 Important Tips for

Alhamdulillah’s we are Muslima and the Ummi of the Last Prophet Muhammad S.A.W. As a Muslim, we believed that Allah gives us Jannah after that life. For this, we need to learn the Holy Quran and live life according to Allah’s set rule. The holy Prophet S.A.W was the last beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty. Here the online Quran academy provides benefits for those who cannot go to the Quran academies physically due to some problems. 

Important tips to learn the Holy Quran online 

Breath, pause, and stop at the right time

 Due to technology the learning Holy Quran is easy because the online platform provides the best courses for you. So during the learning of the Holy Quran, you need to listen to your tutor well because the Holt Quran in the Arabic language, and there are many places during the reading when you need to take breathe, pause or stop at the right time.

Allah Pak said in Surah Al Isra: “And We send down of the Quran that which is healing and mercy for the believers”


For online learning the Holy Quran the most important tip to find a professional and the skilled Quran tutor that have complete knowledge of the Holy Quran and Islam. Only a skilled Quran tutor can teach you the best techniques and motivate the kids & adults towards Islam. Because without the knowledge of Islam we are Muslim by name. A best Quran tutor pours your soul with the love of Allah, the Holy Quran, and the Muhammad S.A.W.


In the online platform, the Kids Learning Quran Online from home under the parents monitoring. There is nothing worried about the parents because their children are safe at home and learn the Holy Book from a skilled Quran tutor.


The method of teaching shows a great impact on the student mind because the effective teaching method learns more. Only a trained Qari or Qariha has techniques of online teaching the small kids and adults. The online Quran tutors are experts on how to motivate the kids online? And how get their intention towards Islam and the Holy Quran?


The love and pure soul learn the Holy Quran easily. When you recite the Holy book you feel relaxed and pleasant. Someone says that revision is the method of learning anything well. Revise your class lesson again and again for understanding well. The Quran is only Book if you read and recite it, your heart blowing more and you want to recite more.


For learning online, you need to set an Online Quran Classes timing according to your choice as well as select the course individually. According to the selected time, the tutor available and you also need to be punctual. Daily learning is best as compared to after 2 or 3 days because in this way you forgot the previous lecture. Questioning the teacher and the teacher and get a meaningful answer also increase your knowledge about Islam.

Benefits to Join Qur

The benefits of gaining Quranic knowledge via online

In the advanced world, the internet closes the people around the world. A lot of Muslims lived in non-Muslim countries and they need the best platform for learning the Holy Quran.

Allah Almighty said in the Holy Book: “Verily the most superior amongst you (Muslims) are those who learn the Quran and teach it”

The Online Quran Academy with a skilled Quran tutor is more preferred. The benefit of online Quran learning is you can learn from your home. Also, you can monitor your kids during class time.

Benefits of joining Online Quran Classes with skype

There is a lot of benefits of online Quran learning but few we explain here. So read carefully to understand the benefits of online Quran learning.


Timing is the main issue in physical education but in the online system, you get flexible timing means that you can choose your class time easily. Here the student gets the opportunity to learn the Holy Quran with flexible timing. You can select a time for an online Quran class according to your selected time. The 24-hour service is available at the online Quran classes.


Due to a professional online Quran academy, it’s very easy to access the best online Quran tutor for your kids. The professional male & female Quran tutors having the complete knowledge of the Holy Quran with Tajweed. The selected tutor is available at the time you selected for the online class. You know Quran is a very sincere Book for learning and there is no space for error.


The online Quran classes are more convenient than the madrassa’s education. The convenient way to learn from your home easily with a laptop, skype, and an internet connection. As a responsible kid or adult, you need the time for your school, job, or family. For school and the college you need to drive or transport, in this case, a lot of time is wasted. But in the online Quran academy, you learn from your home easily. You can learn at any time and any place without going anywhere.


The Internet makes the world like a global village and the Muslims who lived in non-Muslim countries can easily access all the time the service of the online Quran academy from anywhere. Select the time of your class as well as Quran tutor for Online Quran classes at SkypeThat type of learning allows you to get the Holy Quran recitation and reading from the skilled and qualified Qari or Qariha.


You get other education material from online Quran learning academy like the Quran translation, Quran reading with Tajweed, Quran memorization, Quran recitation & reading, kalimas, and Namaz. We thanks the technology to make the Online Quran learning easy. With online Quran learning, we need to learn Islamic knowledge, Namaz, Hadiths, and daily life rules according to Islam.



Top Five Reasons Why

Everyone needs proper guidance of the Holy Quran for living a peaceful life according to the Allah Almighty rules.

Five reasons why online tutors are best for kids:

There is a lot of reasons for online Quran reading for kids, but here we mention only five. Anyone can access online classes easily. The online Quran academy the USA provides many benefits for many students who lived in the USA and other countries.

  • The availability service is all time
  • Provide Flexibility for the students
  • Improved teaching style with time
  • Better performance of tutors

Anyone can Access online Classes easily

The online classes are accessed by the people around the world easily. Reaching a skilled Islamic scholar is not easy but now due to the online Quran academy, this problem is solved and you can easily access them. You also check their CV’s from the site. The online Quran academy is best for when you lived in the areas where the Quran academy is not available.

The availability service is all time

Now in the technology world, everything is easy, different academies are online, shopping also online. For the Muslim, there is no difficulty in learning the Quran education due to online skype Quran classes. The availability of online classes for students is all the time. The students of foreign countries need class time according to their choice because their duties are at different times.

Provide Flexibility for the students

The online Quran academies provide complete flexibility for their students. With the male and female Quran tutors, you can easily learn the Quran education. You can select the amble and the female tutor according to your choice as well as select the timing. Also, the tutor gives the flexibility to the students to fulfill the family responsibilities with the learning. They give time for learning and listen to the student individually. It’s the best way because the student easily learns. After all, one tutor teaches only one student and they kept eye on the learner.

Improved teaching style with time

The qualified Quran tutors are available at the online Quran academy for you. They have a complete grip on his teaching method. With time, they improve the teaching method and make the best for the learners. Also, the tutor gives the choice to the student to learn with the speed that he/she wants. Also, the student can design the course efficiently.

Better performance of tutors

Also, the experience can make them able for the job. To meet the expectations of the students, the online tutors are perfect for the teaching of the noble Book of Allah Almighty. Another thing, the behavior of the teacher is much important for the student. If the teacher has good behavior and loyal to the student than the learner can be learned with comfort otherwise not. For online learning, you need a laptop and skype for online classes. It’s best for you because from the home your learning is flexible.



What is the concept

Islam is a code of life. Our beloved Holy Prophet Muhammad S.A.W gave advice to Ummah to firmly hold the rope of Islam and the Quran. It is the righteous path. We can only get success if we follow the right directions mentioned in the Quran. The sacred book of the Quran is a miracle. Allah revealed this book for people of all ages. The instructions of the Quran are applicable in every era untill Qiyaamah.

A child is an innocent creature of Allah. A child cannot discriminate between good or bad if we do not teach it. It is truly the responsibility of parents to educate kids about Deen and Dunya. Being a father of a daughter, I strongly believe in seeking knowledge. How can we keep our daughters and sisters away from getting knowledge? No gender is superior to anyone. The Quran has always focused on equal rights.

I am living in the USA. Raising kids in a non-Muslim country is a challenging job for parents. Similarly, finding a good teacher is a continuous headache. It is impossible. I decided to use an alternative path. I have always heard about online Quran academies but I have never practiced it. Some of my neighbors praise such platforms. I decided to go for it.

My neighbors gave me suggestions and I followed their advice. Finally, after three-day trial classes, my daughter started taking formal Quran classes. Neither her school routine nor her extra-curricular activities were disturbing. Online Quran learning allowed her to manage her tasks easily. Moreover, kids learn quickly in the flexible environment of the home.

The online Quran reading is simple and effective for learners of all ages. Her teacher was a graduate student from Karadeniz Teknik Üniversitesi, Turkey. I checked his certifications on the official website of the academy. He had teaching experience for more than ten years. It made me satisfied. His teaching methodology proved his credibility. Verily, such teachers change the lives of students.

As usual, he also took initiative from Noorani Qaida. The online Quran tutor entirely focused on the identification of words during online Quran reading. Additionally, he explained simple ways to pronounce alphabets by applying Tajweed rules. The revision sessions and quizzes helped my daughter to strengthen the knowledge of Arabic alphabets and their orthoepy.

He used to communicate in English language with my daughter during one-to-one Skype sessions. I think speaking in the native language eliminates the communication gap between students and teachers. Online Quran learning eliminates the need for physical classrooms when you can get all facilities via the internet. My daughter’s teacher was using a whiteboard to teach her when required. He also shared small videos, phonics, and entertaining lessons to boost the knowledge of learners.


What is the differen

Islam has always emphasized learning and seeking knowledge. The Holy Prophet P.B.U.H said that the best among Muslims are those who learn and teach the Quran to others. Allah created human beings to help each in the hour of need. The teachings of the Quran have immense importance for Muslims to get guidance about every matter of life. Today, Muslims are facing more problems than they faced before. It urges us to learn and understand the Quran to find a solution. Hence, there is a dire need of Islamic education to show the right path to Muslims. There are different modes to learn the Quran. You can go to a mosque for a traditional type of Quran learning. However, technology-based online Quran learning is becoming popular because it has many advantages over traditional learning.

Let’s have a look at the comparison between traditional and online Quran learning behavior.

Online Quran learning Traditional offline Quran learning
You can online Quran classes from your home during your free time. You have to reach a mosque or madrassah on a fixed timetable to take classes.
You feel comfortable and relaxed while taking classes from home. The students feel stressed and uncomfortable about attending madrassah for a long time.
You can manage your daily routine task. Even school going children can easily manage their school, Islamic education, and co-curricular activities simultaneously. The kids feel a burden to follow a strict routine daily and they cannot manage many tasks.
The online Quran classes save your traveling cost and time. You spend money to physically go to a mosque for taking Quran classes. It also takes a lot of time.
This type of learning is suitable for learners of all ages. Even elderly people and kids can take classes from home without going madrassah. Many elderly people feel hesitation to go to a mosque for learning the Quran.
You can choose any course of your choice. The teachers are available all the time. Moreover, you can select a male or female tutor. You cannot any course as professional scholars for each course are available all the time. Usually, male teachers are available in mosques.
The online Quran teachers pay attention to each student during the one-on-one Skype class sessions. It helps the students to achieve their milestones quickly. As many students are learning simultaneously, the attention of teachers divide. As a result, weak students suffer a lot.
The teachers keep on updating distance learning methods to build interest among learners. The teachers follow a typical learning style that is neither effective nor interactive.
The teachers use a step-based teaching methodology to strengthen the basic knowledge of learners about Arabic language. The teachers use traditional methodology irrespective of focusing on the age or mental capabilities of students.
The certified online Quran teachers hold degrees in Islamic education, Ijazah, or Hifz from the world’s best institutes. The teachers are qualified from local madrassah without holding professional degrees.
Online Quran learning is safe for both male and female learners. The students face physical violence such as slapping, scolding, or turning ears.



Online Quran Classes

The USA is one of the top hit countries with COVID 10 pandemic. The government announced a lockdown on 7th April. Since then all educational activities are halted and students are restricted at home. It is not a wise decision to waste your time. Although there are many mosques and madrassah in the USA yet you cannot go there during this pandemic. Instead of wasting time, your kids can learn the Quran from online Quran teaching academies. There are many online Quran learning academies in the USA. For example, Online Quran Academy is a trusted and reliable source to take surveillance of certified scholars.

What are the advantages of taking online classes from Skype?

Ease of use:

Skype is an easy and simple online platform for students to take classes. Simply download this app and register yourself. Everyone knows how to use it. Moreover, teachers and students can share screen, start a video chat, or share files to effectively learn the Quran. However, you need the internet for its connectivity.

  • Audio-video conferencing tools are available
  • People face no difficulty in using Skype

Available to everyone:

This type of distance learning platform is available to everyone. Skype prevents your commuting cost and saves your time. You feel no more bound with strict schedules.

  • You can connect well-qualified teachers from different cultures of the world
  • You can learn the Quran from Arabic speaking certified tutors
  • You can take classes on your desired timetable

Wide variety of courses:

The online Quran teaching academies offer you a facility to take any course of your choice. The online Quran tutors hold professional degrees to teach the knowledge of Islam. The different types of courses include:

  • Memorization
  • Tajweed
  • Tafseer
  • Translation
  • Reading
  • Islamic Fiqh and many others

One-on-one sessions:

The students learn the Quran from one-on-one online sessions with interactive learning tools. One teacher directly focuses on one student. The online Quran tutors prefer to use interesting distance learning tools to build the interest of students. During face-to-face 30 minutes sessions, the teachers try to find out the weakness of students to eliminate the knowledge gap.

Focus on recognition and pronunciation of Arabic alphabets:

Finding a good Quran teacher with an excellent Qiraat style is almost impossible in the USA. The online Quran teaching academies provide experienced Quran tutors who perform their duties with dedication. The teachers preferably use a step-wise approach.

  • Start from Noorani Qaida and gradually move on short verses, then on long verses
  • Recognition of Arabic alphabets by giving examples from daily life routine
  • Focus on the Tajweed rules to correctly pronounce the alphabets and tell students how to correctly use different vocal points in the mouth and throat
  • Regular revision sessions to strengthen their grip

Secure platform:

Taking online Quran classes from Skype is a safe and secure platform. You can simply take classes from your home in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

  • No fear of verbal or physical violence
  • Parents can directly monitor their kids
  • Smooth communication between students and teachers

Skype Quran Classes

The prevalence of Islam is increasing day by day in the USA. According to the statistical data report of 2017, the Muslim population in the USA is 3.45 million. Many Americans embrace Islam and enter in this circle. Muslim communities connect millions of Muslims across the world to spread Islam. The number of Muslims is far greater than Jews in the USA. However, this rising number of Muslims demands religious and social training according to the rules of Islam. No doubt, the online Quran teaching academies are performing very well to educate Muslims. Moreover, these academies warmly welcome revert as well.

As far as the benefits of these online Quran learning academies are concerned, we cannot overlook their importance. The conventional mode of learning the Quran is becoming less trendy than e-learning mode. The most appropriate answer is time and money. Probably, you will fill your car’s tank with fuel or use any public transport to go to a mosque or madrassah. The e-learning platforms save your money and time simultaneously.

Skype is a worldwide famous platform to communicate with each other. Likewise, you can easily take online Quran classes on your mobile or tablet via Skype. Make sure that your internet is fast enough for face-to-face video conferencing. The dedicated online Quran teachers use distance learning tools via Skype to make this process effective and understandable. The one-on-one audio-video streaming is considered as an impressive way to deliver lectures.

The most common problem faced by learners is the lack of devotion and attention of students. When a teacher teaches many students simultaneously, the chance to pay attention to individual students automatically decreases. The engaging online Quran classes have overcome this kind of behavior. During 30 minutes of class, one teacher teaches a single student. It helps the teacher to get to know about the weaknesses of the student. It also develops a bond between the students and the teacher.

You can trust online Quran learning platforms to teach the Quran to your kids. The expert Quran tutors know how to teach beginners. The online Quran classes make you an eloquent reader of the Quran. Everyone wants to read the Quran beautifully and fluently. The expert teachers focus on the pronunciation of words by applying Tajweed rules. The orthoepy of words is a very big challenge. The professionalism of online Quran tutors bespeaks of their efforts to help the students to pronounce a word according to Tajweed rules.

The online Quran tutors are punctual and determined to perform their responsibility. The qualified teachers have a grip on the ten notable Qiraat styles. There is a minute difference in the pronunciation of the Quran due to intonation and caesuras. However, Naafi’ Al-Madanee and Ibn Katheer al-Makee are preferred by learners.  Your Qiraat becomes eloquent when you read it with a specific style. The recitation of the Quran gives tranquility to the soul and peace to the mind.

Consult to take online Quran classes in the USA via Skype.


Take online Quran Cl

The COVID-19 pandemic has restricted daily life activities. It has badly affected the social and economical life of people across the world. Everything is closed. The businesses are collapsing. In this tiring situation, the world has changed its dimension. The main concern of parents is to keep their children safe. People have started using the internet to get benefits. Even Harvard University has shifted its classes to online platforms. The children are out of school and wasting their precious time. However, in this devastating situation, you can take online Quran classes from your home. Consult Online Quran Academy to find the best tutor for your kids

In this terrific situation, it is not safe to send your kids to a mosque or madrassah. Both kids and adults are vulnerable to acquire infection. Moreover, going to a mosque consumes a lot of time. You spend money to travel to a mosque and surf time as well. While taking online Quran classes, it saves you from this hassle. As you take classes from home, there is no chance of getting infected with COVID-19.

Many of you are free now-a-day. It is the best opportunity to learn about Islam. Many people regret not getting sufficient time to learn the knowledge of Islam. This is the best opportunity for you. You can learn Tajweed, Tafseer, Translation, Ijazah, Islamic history, Dua, and even you can memorize the Quran. The online Quran teachers are available for learners to spread the knowledge of the Quran.

Some people do not trust e-learning platforms but online Quran teaching academies have expert teachers who use an interactive teaching style to build interest among learners. The well-qualified teachers deliver lectures via using multiple software platforms. However, Skype is the most trusted platform for e-learning. The online audio-video streaming helps the students to understand the lessons.

The professionalism of a teacher is judged by his teaching style and mode of communication. A teacher has to be strict and lenient according to the situation. Many students hesitate to ask questions from teachers that creates a knowledge gap. However, flexible and eloquent communication behavior makes two-way learning simple and effective.

The self-paced learning style ensures that individual student understands the lessons. In mosques, Ulema takes combined classes that divert the attention of a teacher. On the other hand, in the online Quran learning method, one teacher is allotted to one student. The teacher can sharply focus on the student and help to solve their queries.

The most important thing in learning the Quran is revision. Many students especially beginners forget what they have learned in previous classes. The teachers keep on previous lessons to strengthen their grip on the Arabic language. Moreover, the teachers share a progress report of kids with their parents. The online Quran learning helps to achieve your results in minimum duration of time.

Become an eloquent reader of the Quran via learning the Quran from online platforms. Keep learning the Quran and make dua to Allah Almighty to save us from this infection.


How online Quran rea

Allah has created all human beings for a specific purpose. We must understand the purpose of our creation. The holy Quran is the only that has explained every aspect of life with detail. We are all answerable to Allah for our actions. Allah has granted a reward for those who recite the Quran eloquently. It gives our heart tranquility and peace. It enlightens our hearts with the spirit of Islam. Moreover, we broaden our perspective after reading the Quran. We establish a direct connection with Allah as if He is listening to us.

Muslims are free to read the Quran at any stage of their life. Islam has set no boundaries of age, sect, or gender for seeking the knowledge of Islam. We are surrounded by high-end technologies and robotic devices. We are making our lives easy and comfortable by using those technologies. The online Quran reading academies provide e-learning services via the internet. The learners are required to set up a strong internet connection on laptop or tablet to take classes at home.

Many people are confused about the standard of those academies. I must say that online Quran teaching academies are not less than learning the Quran from an Islamic center. Many people in western countries are relying on them to get quality education under the supervision of certified scholars. If your child is 4 to 5 years old, you should contact a trustworthy online Quran reading academy for teaching the Quran. These academies also warmly welcome revert for seeking guidance and learning Islam.

No one can overlook the benefits of these online platforms. The prime benefit is the flexibility of timetables to take classes. It does not matter whether you are taking a class in the morning or evening; the teachers are available 24×7. The students can select a timetable of their choice to take online Quran classes.

Another prominent feature is the availability of competent teachers. However, it has been observed that many teachers are not experienced in madrassah or Islamic coaching centers. The professionalism of a teacher can be judged by knowledge and grip on the subject. The online Quran tutors hold a degree from recognized Islamic institutes all over the world.

The teachers know how to use technology for delivering engaging lectures. Skype is the most reliable online platform for distance learning. The one-on-one session directly connects students with teachers. The teachers pay attention to the individual student at one time while in madrassah many students are taking class simultaneously. The online Quran tutors ensure that students are understanding lessons by taking tests and quizzes on a regular basis.

Tajweed is the main concern of the majority of people. The online Quran academies focus on the pronunciation of words according to Tajweed rules. The online Quran classes are perfect for beginners because the step-by-step approach builds their concepts and strengthens the recitation of the Quran. The main aim of online Quran academies is to make you an elegant recite of the Quran. Research before selecting the best online Quran teaching academy for your kids