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Online Quran Academy provides expert and professional Quran tutors to teach Muslims across the world. The Quran enlightens our soul and throws the light of guidance on the right path of life.We provide a number of courses at affordable rates. Our dedicated teaching staff is available 24×7 to teach the Quran. The extensive variety of our Quran courses enables the students to achieve their goal in a minimum duration of time.

Online Quran Recitation course:

This course helps students to recite the Quran fluently by applying Tajweed rules. This course includes:

  • Teaching the identification, origin, meaning, pronunciation, and variation of alphabets
  • Listening to different recitation styles
  • Recitation of the Quran by knowing the rules

Online Quran Translation course:

In this course, the students are encouraged to understand the meaning of the words and verses with a detailed explanation of words. It is designed to strengthen the fundamental knowledge of Islam. The students are trained to understand the contextual meaning of verses. We provide qualified teachers to learn translation in Urdu, English, or any other native language.

Online Quran Tajweed course:

The purpose of this course is to make the student eloquent reader of the Quran by understanding the position of diacritical points and applying Tajweed rules. This course involves:

  • Introduction and purpose of Tajweed
  • Understanding of Qiraat
  • Application of Tajweed rules
  • The rules of Waqf, Raa or Laam, noon, Huroof e Maddah, Huroof e Leenah, and Tanween

Online Quran Memorization course:

This course is designed for students who are interested in memorizing the Quran by heart under the guidance of our expert Quran teachers. In this course we focus on:

  • Pronunciation of Arabic alphabets in the required origin
  • Memorization of the Quran by applying Tajweed rules
  • Training of method of five times of prayers, Jummah, Funeral, and Eid prayers with relevant Azan method
  • Training about Islamic education, history, issues about daily life routine

Online Quran Tafseer course:

The main aim of this course is to explain the meanings of the Quranic verses to understand, interpret, and explain Allah’s message. It includes:

  • Understanding of ground and principles of Islam with Tafseer
  • Encourage oral presentation of complex ideas
  • Perfection in reading the Arabic language
  • Develop scholarly writing skills
  • Provide solutions to social, ethical, and religious problems

Online Quran learning for kids:

It is designed to teach the Quran to kids of all ages. The encouraging teaching techniques and influencing communication methods help the students to absorb lessons. This course is comprised of:

  • Start with Noorani Qaida to familiarize the Arabic language
  • Identification of alphabets and pronunciation of words
  • Memorization of the short surah, method of namaz, and daily supplication

Online Quran Reading course:

This reading course is designed to enhance the recitation abilities of the students to make them eloquent readers. It includes:

  • Identification of alphabets
  • Correct pronunciation of verses and letters
  • Application of Tajweed rules
  • Explanation of words and verses

In all the above-mentioned courses, the students are taught six kalmias, daily supplications, basic Aqaa’ida, etiquettes, sunnah, wazu, taharah, ghusal, etc.

Online Teaching Courses for Science Subjects:

Online Quran Academy has experienced and qualified science teachers to provide one-stop assistance to students for the following subjects.

  1. Mathematics
  2. Biology
  3. Chemistry
  4. Physics
  5. Statistics

We use modern teaching methods like audio-video aid, projectors, and demonstration of experiments to oversimplify the concepts and improve the learning capacity of students. Our professional teachers incredibly sharpen the vision and problem-solving skills of the students. We arrange tests, quiz, and revision session to strengthen the shortcomings and to over the knowledge gaps.

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