Online Quran Tajweed

Online Quran Tajweed

Online Quran Academy offers the expert Quran teachers to our Muslim brothers and sisters for Islamic education. We have designed a Tajweed course for kids, females, adults, and learners of any age group or any gender. Our online Tajweed course helps the students to explore the beauty of the Quran that lies in reciting it elegantly. The word Tajweed means is ‘’to make better’’. Tajweed builds a spiritual connection with the Quran. The main purpose of this course is to recite the verses with correct Arabic pronunciation by analyzing diacritical positions. There are some practical rules to recite the Holy Quran. Tajweed course is a way forward to become a certified Quran teacher. However, you have to complete the Ijazah course after that. The students become confident and self-sufficient to recite the Quran after completing the Tajweed course. Even you can quickly analyze the mistakes of the readers in just a second.

  • Online Quran Academy offers two types of Tajweed courses:
  • Basic Tajweed course
  • Applied Tajweed course

Our teaching strategy for Tajweed course:

  • This course starts by teaching the purpose, need, origin, and meaning of Tajweed. In the next stage, the students are introduced with the ruling system and application of Tajweed rules.
  • The students are familiarized with Waqf (the positions of stop and pause), rules of Raa or Laam, noon, Huroof e Maddah, Huroof e Leenah, and Tanween.
  • The students have developed an understanding of the Qiraat and how to recite the Quran eloquently.
  • The Quran teachers teach the students Tajweed rules from practical and theoretical perspectives to improve their learning capacities.
  • The students are given regular exercises and assignments to evaluate their learning pace. The students are evaluated weekly basis by taken tests.
  • We have designed a comprehensive revision session to keep on memorizing Tajweed rules.
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