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Online Quran Academy has started an initiative of guidance and showing the right path to Muslims all across the USA. The reading of the Quran has been made obligatory for all Muslims to be a man or a woman. Allah has promised to grant ten virtues on the recitation of a single word of the Quran.

Our salient features:

This one-to-one online Quran recitation facility is available for Muslims of all ages without any discrimination of gender, race, or color. Online Quran Academy has skilled and professional Quran teachers who are graduated from the world’s leading Islamic centers. There is no restriction of language, our teachers show exceptional communication skills in your native language.

What is included in the online Quran reading course?

Online Quran Academy has designed this course to teach and improve the Quran recitation capabilities of the learners. The main aim of this goal is to familiarize new learners with the Arabic language. The classical Arabic (in which the Quran was revealed) is different from modern-day language. Our dedicated Quran teachers follow the following essential measurements during online Quran reading classes:

  • The teachers have plotted a scheme to start with Noorani Qaida because it is a basic introduction of the Arabic language. The students become able to correctly identify the alphabets of the Quran.
  • Our teachers explain the meaning of each alphabet and verses to facilitate this two-way learning process.
  • The pronunciation of words and letters is our main target. The teachers enforce to apply Tajweed rules for the recitation of the Quran. Alhamdulillah! Our experienced Quran teachers are expert to train the students to read the Quran eloquently.

Online Quran Academy in the USA provides the best guidance and online Quran teaching services. We aim to teach our Muslim brothers and sisters about Islam in the right way. We have certified scholars who can provide authentic information according to different schools of thought in Islam.

What Is Online Quran Reading?

The literal meaning of the Quran comes from the word ‘’Qaraa’’ which means ‘’to recite’’. The act of reciting the Holy Quran by following complete rules and regulations of pronunciation is called Quran Reading. It is a dream of every Muslim to learn the Quran to seek guidance from it.

Have some savings for the next world by practicing the right path of Deen

The Holy Quran is a miracle of Allah SWT for the guidance of mankind. Allah SWT revealed it to Prophet Muhammad S.A.W to teach the right path. Learning a non-native language is not a simple task. Likewise, learning Arabic language requires proper guidance from an expert scholar.

Read the Quran in your native language by our certified teachers

Arabic is a very sensitive language. If you incorrectly pronounce a word, it changes the literal meanings of the entire verse. That’s why it is important to understand the grammatical rules of Arabic language. Learning Tajweed rules is also imperative to become an eloquent reader of the Quran.

Understand true meanings of Allah’s revelation to spend a better life

We follow a different teaching method than the traditional teaching of the Quran. We start from the basic level such as Noorani Qaida. Our experienced teachers focus on the recognition and pronunciation of Arabic alphabets. It strengthens the ground knowledge of students.

Start three-days free trial classes to read the Quran in the best way

We design interactive lessons using the latest teaching methods to boost interest among students. Our skilled scholars use slides, short videos, pdf documents, phonetics, and reference material to assist kids in learning the Quran during one-on-one sessions.

Be an eloquent reader of the Quran under the surveillance of our expert scholars

It is important to get knowledge of Arabic alphabets, vowels, and haroof-e-saknaat before reading the Quran. We also focus on Tajweed rules to recite every single alphabet correctly. It helps beginners to concentrate on the recitation of the Quran in the right way.

Become a practicing Muslim and play a positive role in society!

We support Skype, Zoom, and other platforms for online Quran reading. The students can take classes at their flexible schedule because our experienced teachers are available 24×7. Additionally, we teach kalmias, short surah, method of supplication, method of namaz, and stories from the lives of prophets to install a thrust of knowledge among students.

Join our online Quran reading classes to learn the Holy Quran from our expert teachers!

Why Choose Us?

24×7 arability of teachers

Male and female Quran teachers

Interactive one-on-one sessions for online Quran reading

Focus on identification and pronunciation of alphabets

English, Urdu, and Arabic speaking teachers

Regular monitoring about the progress of students

Regular revision and test sessions

Online Quran Academy warmly welcomes new Muslims and provides them complete about Deen-e-Hanif. Register with us today to avail of our exorbitant services and strengthen your beliefs.

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