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For many years, an online Quran academy has been working for those who want to teach the Holy Quran to their kids from home. Online Quran reading is the best way to ensure that Quran learning is easy. Our Quran tutors are professional and convey the Holy Quran  lesson to the student. Online Quran reading is the best course for you to understand the basic concepts. Reading and Recitation of the Holy Quran by an online Quran academy is the best option for parents all across the world.

Online Quran Reading course by us

You know, being a Muslim, it’s our duty to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed. Also, reading the Quran online with translation is the best way to understand the Message of Allah Almighty.  Our online Quran Reading course is developed for adults, kids, and beginners who want to read the Holy Quran with Tajweed and Qir’rat.  After Noorani Qaida, we offer the Online Quran reading course for you because, in this way, you can improve your reading skills effectively. There are some rules for online Quran reading.

Online Quran Reading Rules

The online Quran Reading rules are as:

  • Reading Quran with Tajweed is the best way to improve your reading and reciting
  • A lot of blessings upon you when you read the Holy Quran
  • Reading the Holy Quran daily is the best way to enhance your love for Allah Almighty
  • Reading the Holy Quran on schedule, improving your reading skills
  • Online Quran Reading is the best way to take classes or read according to your choice
  • You can read the Holy Quran any time you want from qualified tutors

Why did you choose Online Quran Academy for Quran Reading?

Thousands of online Quran academies are available on the internet, but due to our best online Quran Reading classes, qualified teachers, mostly people from reading, the UK, Canada, Australia and Pakistan choose us. Online Quran academy provides a one-to-one connection between the students and teacher for online Quran reading. We also provide time and day flexibility for the kids and adults. According to your choice, you can choose the date and time for your online Quran reading class.

Online Quran Reading Course includes

  • With a proper Arabic accent,  read the Holy Quran online
  • You can recite the Ayat with Tarteel and Hadar
  • You can also learn how letters change to form in the Quran
  • During online Quran reading, you can learn when we stop or continue the verse
  • Apply all the rules which are told by the tutor


Student Required for online Quran Reading 

For online Quran reading, the students must have the basic knowledge of

  • How to read and read Arabic words
  • Must understand the Shadd, Tanveen, madd and Skoon
  • Other basic rules

If you have no knowledge of the basic Arabic language,  you need to go through the Basic Noorani Qaida online Course from us. Our qualified staff have knowledge of how to handle the online Quran reading and manage the students.  So visit and get online Quran Reading course.

Why Choose Us?

24×7 arability of teachers

Male and female Quran teachers

Interactive one-on-one sessions for online Quran reading

Focus on identification and pronunciation of alphabets

English, Urdu, and Arabic-speaking teachers

Regular monitoring of the progress of students

Regular revision and test sessions

Online Quran Academy warmly welcomes new Muslims and provides them complete about Deen-e-Hanif. Register with us today to avail of our exorbitant services and strengthen your beliefs.

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