Online Quran Recitation

Online Quran Recitation

Online Quran Academy provides the best services for the online Quran recitation at home. This program has been launched to amplify Islamic education all across the USA. The sacred book of the Quran is a direct message for all Muslims. This holy book has been preserved in its original form in which it was revealed for many hundred years. The recitation of the Holy Quran soothes the mind and soul and takes us closer to Allah. The online recitation of the Quran has become very convenient for everyone. All you need is to set up a computer with an internet connection.

How can I recite the Quran via this platform?

There are some specific rules to recite the Quran. There are 30 chapters of the Quran. We have uploaded all chapters on our website for the sake of convenience. They have been collected after detailed research under the supervision of Islamic scholars. We deal with authenticity and originality. The recitation of the Quran is recorded in the eloquent voices of the Qaari across the globe. It does not matter whether you are at home or at your workplace, just go through our website to recite the Quran. This course helps the learners to understand how the Arabic language is spoken. Our experienced teachers use engaging techniques to familiarize learners with the Arabic language.

  • The Quran recitation course has focused on the different pronunciation variations of each alphabet when used in different words.
  • There are specific continuation signs and pauses. Our dedicated teachers help the students to get familiarize with them. This knowledge improves the recitation capacity of students.
  • Online Quran Academy has Islamic scholars belonging to every sect of Islam. They are experts in teaching different kinds of Tajweed rules including Ikhfa Meem Saakin, Qalb, Ghunna, and many others.

Online Quran Academy is a leading online academy that provides premium-quality online Quran recitation at very affordable rates. We have a team of certified scholars across the world that provides you the best services. We serve our Muslim brothers and sisters irrespective of gender, age, distance, and ethnicity.

What Is Online Quran Recitation Course?

The act of reciting the Holy Quran verses with Tajweed is called Quran recitation. However, you can read it directly from the Holy Quran or recall it from memory. Allah SWT grants us ten virtues on reciting each word of the Holy Quran. The main agenda of the online Quran recitation course is to assist readers in reciting the Quran swiftly. Our experienced and qualified teachers provide online Quran recitation facilities in different languages. We use multiple learning tools for beginners and advanced students for online Quran recitation.

What Is Our Teaching Methodology For Online Quran Recitation?

The correct recitation of the Holy Quran requires proper expertise regarding rules and regulation of pronunciation. Our experienced teachers pay attention to an individual student for improving their Quran recitation skills. We hire the most competent, certified, and well-qualified Qari to never compromise on teaching our students.

We have designed a system of testing online Quran tutors to choose the best for your kids. We focus on the satisfaction of our students. We take all essential steps to satisfy our students by using the latest teaching methodologies. The teaching methodology of our certified Quran teachers invokes the readers to read the Quran by heart. It makes them true follower of Islam.

We start from the basic level for teaching recitation of the Quran. Our expert teachers teach about pauses, continuation signs, and punctuation marks to improve the recitation skills of the students. We use phonics, short videos, online learning tools, and supportive pdf documents to polish the recitation of kids. We make your child confident to read the Holy Quran with proficiency.

Our online Quran recitation classes are suitable for readers of all age groups. We pay individual attention to each student and design a custom-made strategy according to the learning abilities of students. Even we provide female teachers to assist our Muslim sisters and daughters in comfortably reciting the Holy Quran. We highly motivate our students and parents to share their reviews from time to time.

Why Choose Us?

We provide an affordable fee structure for our Muslim brothers and sisters.

We have a team of certified female and male teachers in the USA.

We provide one-to-one sessions for an individual student to overcome disturbance.

Our experienced teachers are available 24×7 to teach according to your flexible schedule.

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