Online Quran Tafseer Course

Online Quran Tafseer Course

Online Quran Academy has experienced Quran teachers teaching Muslims all across the USA. The word Tafseer relates to ‘’learning the meanings of words’’. It develops a better understanding of the Quran and Hadith. Tafseer’s course is designed to develop a general understanding of the commandments of Allah that will provide divine direction to spend our lives according to Allah’s will.

What is the Tafseer course?

Tafseer’s course involves learning Ilmul Balagah, basic Arabic grammar rules, and Usul-al-Tafsir with detail and comprehension. Tafseer explains the surface knowledge of the Quran while Tawil explains in-depth covert meanings of verses. However, both of them are interconnected with each other. When you learn Tafseer you automatically learn Tawil as well.

How can our experts help you to learn the Tafseer course?

We have designed the Tafseer course for both adults and kids. Our certified Ulemas connect different branches of science to explain the meanings of verses. The dedicated teachers prefer to consult authentic books of Hadith and Tafseer of widely known scholars to strengthen their grip on the subject. We deliver lectures via one-on-one live Skype sessions with students by focusing on every minute detail. In the end, the students will be able to write scholarly articles with profound knowledge of the Quran and Hadith. The students will be well-grounded to explain the words of our beloved Prophet P.B.U.H, reports from the tabi’un, and the opinion of the authentic Islamic scholars.

What dimensions are included in our Tafseer course?

Online Quran Academy has included all essential points focusing on Tafseer. This course includes:

  • Rules of Arabic grammar
  • Meanings of verses and Hadith
  • Understanding and application of commandments of Allah
  • Tajweed with related Qiraat style
  • Ilmul Blagah
  • Usul Tafseer
  • Rabt between surah
  • Shaan-e-Nuzool

Online Quran Academy is a prominent Quran teaching institute in the USA. Our experienced teachers have designed an online Quran Tafseer course to interpret technical meanings of the Quran verses. Our highly qualified teachers provide an in-depth explanation of the verses of the Quran according to different schools of thought of Islam.

What Is Online Quran Tafseer Course?

The literal meanings of Tafseer include explanation, elucidation, or interpretation. The authentic interpretation of Quranic verses, chapters, or sections is called Tafseer of the Quran. It involves the science of explanation of the contextual meanings of the Quran in reference to multiple books of Tafseer by known writers.  

Tafseer responds to different complexities of the learners for understanding the Quran. For example, you get detailed insight about revelation requirements, time, situation, and evolution of the Islamic era. Hence, Muslims can understand the prerequisites of Islam to acknowledge the commands of Allah Almighty. One teacher focuses on one child at one time that enhances the learning abilities of students.

The Holy Quran itself narrates different stories and we explain those stories to understand basic meanings. We use slideshows, infographics, facts & figures, and supportive documents to explain the entire theme of the surahs. In short, our students get sufficient knowledge to write scholarly articles to support their ideas. Moreover, you can teach other students after completion of this course.

What Are The Key Features Of Online Quran Tafseer Course?

Develop scholarly writing skills

Interpret the meaning of each verse word by word

Provide contextual meaning of each word

Explanation of each surah and Hadith in reference with authentic Tafseer books

Basic knowledge of Arabic language

Understanding of Islamic laws

Interpretation of Allah’s command

Comparison of Quran with previously revealed manuscripts and books

Time, place, and cause of revelation

Lessons derived from individual surah and lives of prophets

Importance of individual surah

We cover the above-mentioned dimensions in the online Tafseer course. However, you can seek additional knowledge from our certified scholars. It provides a deep insight into Islam to solve all problems in life.

Why Choose Us?

We have the best scholars from prestigious Islamic institutes across the world to teach our Muslim brothers and sisters. We also have on-board female Quran teachers for Muslim sisters and daughters.

Online Quran Tafseer course is suitable for individuals of all age groups irrespective of gender and origin.

We provide personalized one-on-one learning sessions by using different multimedia features to boost interest among learners.

We offer free trial classes to evaluate the performance of our teachers.

We also provide a certificate on completion of online Tafseer course. However, students need to pass a test.

We provide genuine and high-quality supplementary material to strengthen the knowledge gaps.

Our professional teachers are available 24×7. Hence, you can arrange classes as per your schedule.

We design a specific strategy according to the mental abilities of students to effectively learn daily lessons.

Our certified scholars can speak in your native language including English, Urdu, and Arabic to reduce the communication gap between students and teachers.

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