Does your child need help to solve algebra, figuring out the rate of a chemical reaction, or to understand the working principle of a jet machine? Online Quran Academy provides certified and experienced teachers for online teaching courses including Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry for all grades. We provide world-class education facilities at competitive prices all across the USA. This distance education course is designed to strengthen the concepts of students. The science subjects are really difficult to understand. Our dedicated teachers provide a detailed comprehensive guide to absorb every concept.

How do we help you?

  • Our professional teachers accelerate the learning skills of students by filling their knowledge gaps. The teachers analyze their weak points and clear ambiguities about them.
  • We provide a one-on-one interactive teaching method to engage the students. We use videos, audio-narrations, and graphics animations for an online demonstration of various concepts.
  • Our instructors perform experiments during online classes to develop a strong understanding of a specific topic.
  • Online Quran Academy provides 100% trusted content to practice lessons and study related material that is prepared under the supervision of professors working in the top-class institutes of the world.
  • Moreover, our teachers teach marks grabbing techniques and paper presentation skills to secure maximum marks in the exams.
  • The students are given virtual exercises, regular homework, and tests are taken to monitor them routinely.
  • We keep on updating parents about the progress report of their kids.


Feel a difference in your child:

The students develop analytical and problem-solving skills to solve the problems and numerical questions. The students develop the confidence to answer every question with reasoning. The students develop a deep and solid understanding of Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry that help to do their homework without your assistance.

You can enroll any time during the year to start preparing for your exam.

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