Online Quran Academy has come forward to provide quality Islamic education to all Muslim girls and women. We are well-familiar with the role of a Muslim woman in our society. Allah has mentioned in the Quran for females to seek education. We have a very talented female Quran tutors that provide up-scale learning facilities to all Muslim females. There are certain families who ask for the female Quran tutors to teach the Quran to their sisters and daughters. It does not matter which course you are selecting, our female Quran teachers provide fantastic teaching services. Our online platform saves your time as you are not needed to go anywhere. Our female Quran teachers are available at hours convenient for girls and working women.

What makes our Quran female tutors different from others?

  • Online Quran Academy has always focused on qualified and experienced teachers. Our female Quran teachers have Ijazah certificates from recognized Islamic institutes.
  • The female Quran teachers possess exceptional communication skills. We have combined authentic female tutors all across the globe. It does not matter whether you speak in English, Urdu, Arabic, Punjabi, Pashto, or any other language; the female tutors speak with learners in their native language.
  • Online Quran Academy has competent female Quran teachers who are well-aware of teaching methods. They implement modern as well as traditional teaching methods to inculcate interest among learners.
  • The students are open to ask any questions with female Quran teachers. They have sufficient knowledge to answer the entire questions according to facts mentioned in the Quran and books of Hadith.
  • Our female Quran teachers have a full grip on Tajweed and Tarteel rules.
  • They are punctual and have high aims to spread Allah’s knowledge.

Join us today to recite the Quran in an excellent accent and eloquently.

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